Great Implementation Strategy

Strategy comes from experiences:

We have been customizing and implementing ERP's since it was new in technology world. so, don't worry about strategic implementation technique to make your accounting life easy.

OdooSourcing Implementation Methodology

Our service is not just implementation it is strategic too.

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Generally Implementing an ERP system causes massive change that needs to be carefully managed to reap the benefits of an ERP solution.

Odoo/OpenERP system, an open source ERP, reduce implementation time and lower costs, lower learning curves for new users, and make ERP system accessible to every company.

Our ERP implementation methodology designed to cover different parameters which is divided into three major phases, Pre-Implementation, Implementation and Post-Implementation make sure all the critical issues are taken care for successful ERP implementation.

Pre-Implementation Consulting

  • Do you think it is time that you integrate different functions of your organization to take strategic, tactical and operational decisions in order to improve productivity, quality and competitiveness.

  • With limited technical and functional knowledge, do you seek an outside consultant for analysis, to check if the decision on the necessity to implement ERP is right, and if it is the right time to implement ERP for the nature and type of business you have

  • Discussions on how much to implement Is it complete integration or few processes I need to automate?

We get on to discussions with companies at no cost to understand their vision, business need, processes, people, data, products. We ask questions on the basis of our experience to align and assess if company is prepared for implementation and what would be the best solution. Depending on the tasks and processes involved in the installation process, we suggest different approaches ( Big Bang, Phased, combo) in implementing ERP system.

Planning and Analysis

  • We spend considerable time in careful analysis and planning rather spending the major portion of the implementation time in customization, training the users and resolving the user adaptability issues.

  • It is important to understand flow of transactions in the company, functions of each profile, change management, and its linkage to the Financial Statements before making the final ERP decision, rather than after half-way in an implementation.

This stage lay out a roadmap for implementation of Odoo/OpenERP system.

Strategic Implementation

Post-study of business processes implementation strategy is designed on below parameters:

  • System Design

  • Customization

  • Integration

  • Configuration

  • Data migration

  • Deployment

Project Management and Change Management are part of the implementation strategy which is communicated across organization to integrate it on one platform

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Post Implementation

  • Training

  • Continuous Support and Maintenance

An audit is conducted after Training to do Gap analysis, if there is a need for any more training, to resolve issues, any other feedback.

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