Why Open Source ERP's/ Odoo?

Why world is using open source and trust on Odoo?

Open source ERP's are fully customizable as per your need and
it is not just an open source ERP, Odoo is a complete management system.

Why to  choose  Odoo/OpenERP?

Great Value for Money, Quick ROI, Beats other ERPs hands down!

Client Challenges

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Transformation into a more scalable and adaptable business requires resolution of several challenges, such as:

  • Acquiring an end-to-end view across all business lines

  • Facilitating coping with business expectations and change management

  • Ensuring consistent financial and operational information-driven performance, while ensuring strict adherence to timelines, schedules and budgets

  • Developing customer-focused applications that are future-ready, while protecting existing investments' value

OdooSourcing ERP Software Solutions:

Old recipe for ERP Software is no longer working as it used to be: There are customers who would like to deploy ERP solutions, but cannot afford them. Others would like to leverage from the web and deploy business application at their own pace, one module/department at a time.

Proprietary applications charge millions of dollars for licenses, customization, & implementations: no matter how sophisticated application is, customization is still required. OpenERP allows us to meet such needs and makes ERP a reality for small and medium businesses( SMBs) and break the rule the ERP is the luxury for big corporations only. Companies don’t need to spend big budget on the licenses and pay only for the customization that is required to build the OpenERP system as per their processes.

Odoo/OpenERP is license free: and it is an open source alternative to SAP ERP and Microsoft Dynamics.

Odoo/OpenERP is a popular and powerful Open Source enterprise resource management (ERP) system that includes over 300 modules. Combining product inventory, human resource control, purchase management, sales management, and point-of-sale capabilities, CRM capabilities with financial management, OpenERP provides companies a complete solution at affordable cost for managing their business.

Our Value Proposition:

  • Odoo/OpenERP offers a huge number of benefits:

  • Affordable – no license fee

  • 300 functional modules for different business requirements

  • Mature technology

  • Pay only for the customization & support

  • Add new fields, new forms, new work flows

  • Sound Reporting system

  • Add Modify reports

  • Integrated messaging system

For detailed Odoo/OpenERP modules list  get in touch with us for Free ERP Software Demo.

50,000+ companies run  Odoo  to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.