All-in-one Odoo ERP for SMB companies

To overcome challenges and accelerate growth

04/08/2021 07:12:51
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Increasing manual processes, followed by managing complex administrative tasks and functions like accounts, payroll are the big issues for mid-market companies. They are at the stage of their business lifecycle where they are looking to scale to the next level quickly, but instead of focusing on that, they end up spending their invaluable time in managing people and processes manually. As a result, companies end up having spreadsheets and other disconnected systems, which results in inconsistency and errors. To stay competitive and to scale it to the next level the companies need to focus on the right strategic execution which is only possible if there is no administrative burden. 

Another challenge that SMB companies face is the 4As challenge of ERP Lifecycle, Accept, Afford, Adapt, Adopt

·   Accept the need for an ERP system

·   Affordability of an ERP implementation

·   Adapt to fully utilized the ERP system

·   Adopt the ERP system to be a part of the organization

SMBs companies are looking for the right ERP system with the simplicity and flexibility wanted by the users. This is where Odoo ERP differentiates itself from its competitor. Odoo ERP is developed on the grounds of cost-effectiveness, accessibility, flexibility, and ease of use for the users. Odoo has been disrupting the ERP market with modular, customizable, and fully integrated solutions. This is an all-in-one solution to streamline processes, improve reporting and accelerate the growth of mid-market company thereby helping companies to scale their business. With modular form, companies can choose from a long list of modules as per the business requirement and based on the stage of their business. Experience has shown that there is no need to train users for several months on the system because they can just download it and use it directly.

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