Odoo eCommerce and Odoo Website Development Services

Odoo’s integrated eCommerce platform is an easy, efficient and complete application that a company needs to create an online store

Rise of eCommerce and Challenges faced by companies

Over the past few years, online shopping has increased drastically with more people are getting into buying things online, but at the same time eCommerce companies are under a lot of pressure to manage their end-to-end eCommerce business processes (order placed, selected, packed, dispatched) efficiently and most importantly cost-effectively. eCommerce companies end up with disparate software for different processes, and spend a lot of time in aligning these systems, and doing administrative and routine maintenance tasks.

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Odoo eCommerce Website Development

All-in-one eCommerce solution

On the front end, eCommerce companies need an interface that provides great usability that will encourage repeat customers and improve sales.
- Behind any eCommerce page, there are different functions like inventory management, accounting software, marketing tools, etc.
- eCommerce solution should be the one that caters to both front and back end eCommerce processes efficiently and effortlessly

Odoo eCommerce offers fully customizable pages and themes that allow you to create a professional design without being a designer It is completely synchronized with back-office operations like Finance, Accounting, Marketing, HR, and Sales Odoo Ecommerce gives a single system to integrate back and front end eCommerce business processes and help Ecommerce websites spend more time on innovation and strategy. Odoo’s integrated eCommerce platform effortlessly creates custom designs for product pages without coding knowledge and maintains inventory and sales up to date via automatic stock adjustments and reporting. Companies can boost sales with cross-selling and upselling opportunities on product pages, in the cart, or at checkout. Odoo eCommerce integrates with major shipping carriers and payment getaways.

        Odoo eCommerce Front end Features


        Design & Configure

        - Fully customizable pages and themes that allow you to create a professional design without being a designer
        - Drag & drop building blocks to snap designs
        - Easily add product attributes such as color, size, or style to keep product lines easy to navigate
        - Easily edit product pages to always have product information displayed

        Shopping Experience

        Automatically recommend product accessories or suggested products and alternatives show customers more of the items they might like

        Payment & Shipping methods

        Allow customers to pay with Paypal, Ingenico, Adyen, Buckaroo, Authorize.net, PayUmoney, Stripe, and SIPS Wordline. Speed up order fulfillment with easy integrations for major shipping carriers and track packages directly from Odoo.

        Odoo eCommerce Backend Features


        Billing & Accounting

        Calculate & bill shipping costs easily

        Use the custom packages to build your own chart of accounts

        Integrated accounting packages


        Highlight the best product in terms of quantity sold. Find the best customer in terms of revenue. Display a graph with your monthly sales per product and add it to your Dashboard. Group your Sales by Partner and display the products in the column header.

        Track your eCommerce KPIs: conversion rate (cart to order), average cart amount, best sellers, etc.


        Odoo Website, Odoo CRM, Odoo Accounting, Odoo Inventory, and more are fully integrated with Odoo eCommerce so you can manage your business with just one system.